The card of tomorrow is non-profit and is available to all users free of charge forever. It is sustainably financed by partners and donations from the user community of tomorrow.

Every good idea needs resources. If you want to make a contribution that the team can dedicate with a lot of time and full of energy to the further development of the map, so donate. In this way, you always help us to develop flexibly where the greatest benefit is created. In most cases, we can increase your donation by applying to foundations.

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Here you can access our profile at the donation platform "Betterplace," which accepts our donations easily and online and also provides you with the donation certificate.

Associate financing model

Following initial funding through donations, public funds and endowment funds, the project is intended to support itself through monthly solidarity contributions from the recorded, sustainable companies of €3 to €25 per month. Any organization that wants to support the impulse of tomorrow can join the solidarity community of tomorrow (informally via email or via the form below). The amount of the contribution is determined regionally, in solidarity and intended to provide free funds for educational work, actions and culture to support the Social-ecological transformation.