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Russia of Tomorrow – a hybrid Hackathon

During the hybrid hackathon “Russia of Tomorrow”, hackers met in Russia near Vladimir and in Germany near Stuttgart and collaborated digitally to create Russia’s new, interactive, open-souce-based map platform “” . This is intended to show sustainable and social initiatives and companies in Russia, similar to the in Germany. In this way, the diverse [..]

Download and Import of Data

For the creation of paper maps, but also for many other occasions, the data of the map is needed in other formats and applications, for which we offer a csv export. For spam protection reasons and to avoid overloading our server, however, not everyone can do this, but only regional or theme pilots. So if [..]

The Worldmap of tomorrow

The Worldmap of tomorrow

The last Maps of Statistiken von morgen focussed on the distribution of the Map of tomorrow in Germany, but how far is it spread in the world? 89 of 245 ISO listed countries have at least one entry on the Map of tomorrow. The following two Maps try to show the distribution. Can you locate [..]

Russia of tomorrow

A Summer-Hackathon and a Networking-Process in Russia, Belarus and Germany 2021 Where are the places of active civil society, transformation and social enterprises in Russia? What if there was a map for them to participate in? Our goal is to provide a common map platform (such as the for civil society actors in Russia [..]

Webinar: How to map transformation with the map of tomorrow

Inspired by the Opening of the Austrian “Transition Weeks 2020” with Rob Hopkins and Helmut Wolman, we want to invite the globale Comunity of Transition to exchange mapping experiences and learn how to map with the Map of Tomorrow. InhaltRecording of the WebinarJoin our EventRegisterSceduleVideo-Conference RoomIntroduction with Rob HopkinsMap of Transition Recording of the [..]