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The world is full of explorers, and full of things to be explored: The Map of tomorrow is an interactive online platform for initiatives of change and sustainable businesses. Organic farming, open gardens, free educational initiatives and, of course, visionary cohabitation are just some of the examples.

Positive aspects can be collected for all future-proof places. How ecologically, socially and in public interest is it, what is being traded here? The more positive factors an entry has, the larger its pin is displayed on the map and the more users act intuitively sustainably.

Our goal is a sustainable world that I can trust and love!

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Desktop version: –Open here big map-

We connect this world of tomorrow through a website and app (Android/iOS) and make it accessible to the public, to people looking for socio-ecological initiatives and companies that promote life.

Our Impact Movie Explaining Tomorrow’s Map

Our 3 unique selling points

Regional pilots are local action groups and our card moderators who view the contributions of (anonymous) users in your city. Thanks to our wiki principle, new, more and more, of the same mapped cities are added every week, and as in “Mannheim of Tomorrow,” there are already paper maps for some cities.

Theme pilots are national movements and networks that make all locations of their movement visible for their and integrate the map to their site via iframe. Such as. own all transition initiatives.

Positive factors are at the heart of this map. Based on the three pillars of sustainability, each user can justify with proof of source why the registered place belongs to our desired world of tomorrow.

More sense instead of profit: “Of tomorrow” is an effective community of values for a free life in a just society with an intact environment, cultural diversity and solidarity cooperation. The map of tomorrow makes people intuitive to

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.

Albert Einstein

Finding transformation

The Social-Ecological Transformation [Wandel] It is believed to be the biggest change since industrial allisation. The social is about the gap between rich and poor, as well as Between industry and sog. To close development countries, and in the Ecological to end all environmental degradation. vital Is for this a change in business, towards cooperation rather than profit, Which in turn presupposes an “inner transformation,” i.e. Change Consciousness or People’s attitude.

This transformation is not only more necessary As the industrial revolution or the foundation of the sadness, otherwise we Will not survive, but also heavier, as they are not Efficiency or profit is driven, but purely from the individual Reflection and humanity.

Our interactive map shows you places in your area where people experience, explore and transform the world of tomorrow.

The world of solutions

It is often the small initiatives and alternative companies that do not stand out in the commercial cityscape. Organic shops, educational initiatives, social meeting places, community gardens and many more to address the growing environmental and economic crises. Tomorrow increases the visibility of good initiatives and promotes collaboration in the colorful field of social transformation through local events and free online collaboration software

There are countless inspiring and successful approaches of people, NGOs and entrepreneurs, all of whom basically pursue one goal: A human future. We want to get them all on one platform and make them more well-known. We want to connect existing mapping projects, which are now regionally and thematically limited and fragmented (island databases) with it and merge them into an open database (openfairDB).

The film, matching the map of tomorrow: To understand what our map is all about, we recommend the film “Tomorrow-The world is full of solutions
You want to map your city with a group? We are happy to do a workshop with you on sustainable development and how you use the map most wisely.