Instructions for mapping

Map and edit entries, any user of the card can. In most regions and topics, changes become immediately apparent. (In exceptional cases, the change has yet to be unlocked by a regional or theme pilot.)

  1. Find the city where you want to add something at
  2. Use the search function to make sure the entry is not already exisizing.
  3. Simply click on "Add Enroll" at the very end of the left list of results.
  1. Fill out the entry form as narrowly and logically as possible. When thinking about the keywords, think of what could be filtered by which ones.
    1. Initiatives: Sense-oriented organisations working for change are all about change.
    2. Company: Need service providers and producers, this is about sustainable consumption.
  2. Mend the registered organization a welcome mail (template at the bottom) immediately after saving. And subscribe to your region to stay up-to-date on changes to your entries. (Statement below)
  3. On the next city tour you can say hello to the business in person and ask on the occasion if they would support printing a paper card financially.

Join now and become a regional pilot * is doubly worthwhile.

FAQ to map

  2. There is not (yet) a deletion function, as we don't really want to delete anything from the card, but simply evaluate it accordingly. But if duplicates or really wrong points have emerged, then it simply shifts to the-> North Pole. (Aclear address and enter North Pole. Then click a little next to it, because exactly nothing can be stored on the North Pole.)
  3.   Regional pilot * in you just get in where you get in touch with us.


Ideas for regional pilots

As a regional pilot * you navigate your region into a future worth living and your team acts as a driving force to show the valuable sides of your neighborhood. As captain on this journey, you are responsible for safely accompanying your fellow human beings in shaping their world of tomorrow.

This can be the following:

  1. Map: Make the most important players visible for sustainability in your region.
  2. Securing quality: Only you as a regional pilot have the option to delete or edit incorrect or outdated reviews of entries.
  3. Welcome: Visor and network the mapped places, as well as introduce the map of tomorrow and the idea behind it.
  4. Education work: You will gain a lot of experience. Is it more and inspires students and other people. 
  5. Management consulting: Over time, you will be able to analyze how change works in companies and can bring these ideas as constructive suggestions where you are asked to.  expresses proximity or touch from the side.

We are at your disposal in all matters at all times. 

Map of the team of tomorrow

Map of the Regional Pilot * Inner Initiatives (#RegPis)

In the cities recorded here, there are already regional pilots who are also public contacts. Sign up with your initiative in cities where no one is yet!

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If you are a regional pilot yourself, sign up and forgive your entry or entry. Your group or initiative is the keyword "regpis."

Pladed cities

The following cities have been or are being actively mapped. Details of the mapped towns, villages and regions can be found here.

Partner cards

In some cities there are already well-structured mapping projects, so we do not want to take action there for the time being, but to refer to these projects:

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Here you have unlimited space, everything a user could look for to wear one. Prefer a short description and many keywords.

The keywords help with filtering to see a specific group of entries throughout Germany.
There are a few celebrity keywords that we suggest to uniformity throughout Germany. So always try to use one of the following tags:


The following table tries to provide an overview of which keywords can be used.

Theme pilot

Networks, initiatives and projects that deal with certain topics (ultimately certain keywords) are mentioned by thematic pilots. Regionality usually does not matter here, but completeness at the network level, for example. Germany.

Such as. 

Map of the Theme Pilot * Inner Initiatives (#ThemPis)

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Pladed themes

This list shows the topics on which it is already being mapped. Details of the mapped topics, networks and movements can be found here.

Mail template for new entries

If you enter new places and you still have some time, it would be nice if you informed the registered places about them. Because most are happy about this presence, they become aware of the map and have the opportunity to change its description and contribute to transparency through a self-assessment.

For this we have written a mail template here:

Subjec[Name des Eintrags]t: Is now on tomorrow's map

Hello love her!

I have entered your project on the map of tomorrow, the platform for change, as you are doing sustainable work and places like you are part of my vision of a world of tomorrow.

You are very happy to improve your description or add positive aspects of your project.

[Link zum Eintrag]

And, of course, you can map and evaluate many more partners and initiatives that you are in contact with and that do meaningful for people and the environment. 


The map of tomorrow will be available to you free of charge forever. For the development of further functions, we need the voluntary support of the community of tomorrow. If €12 a month is donated to each company, the platform can develop independently and organically. Now it's easy to donate online!

Good luck and carry on like thi
s! Your team of tomorrow's map
[dein Name]