Tomorrow’s map offers a simple download feature that allows all entries of a particular cutout to be exported and printed on paper cards, for example. Just ask if you want to create paper cards!

Mannheim of tomorrow as a paper card with icons of Greenmap
Mannheim of tomorrow as a paper card with icons of Greenmap and a background map of the local daily newspaper.


How to create a paper card

To create paper cards elegantly, we have created a design template that allows us to create a ready-made paper card PDF within a day, provided that all locations are already mapped online. For possible correction loops that are probably never completely avoidable, however, you should definitely allow a week.

Background map

The most important contribution we have for this from the municipalities or the municipalities. Need a background card in appealing quality, regional pilots are needed. That means at least. 300 DPI and not too many details, so if possible no city maps. Often press offices have nice cards. (The example here comes from “Mannheim Morning”).


You can choose the format. We recommend A3 because your card can then be copied by the users. Sometimes (as in Neukölln’s case) it also takes A2 to be able to depict everything sensibly. By default, our cards have folded up the handy flyer format. But here, too, you can express your own wishes. (E.g. Like Darmstadt)


We ask for a donation/support of approx. €500-€1000 for the export and creation of paper cards. We do the whole design for you up to the ready-to-print PDF file. All you have to do is map and, if necessary, map it Organize a background map.

Card printing gets cheaper the more cards you have printed. We recommend you for a city approx. To have 10,000 copies printed and prefer to make annual reissues. This will cost €700-€1000.

Smaller shops are often willing to help finance your card printing. Otherwise, we can advise you on how to get €2000 in the Engagement Global €2000 action group program.

Paper card examples: